Best Technology to make your home more secure and safe how using best home automation system can be connected and used in different ways as per requirement.

With this bundle of smart sensors you can control home security, automation and monitoring. MI Smart home sensor set includes, MI control Hub, two MI motion sensors, two MI door and window sensors, and one MI Wireless Switch with European standard power adapter.


Connects all MI compatible smart devices to control and automate home, this centralized unit handles all processing requests from connected devices and acts as per defined parameters. These parameters are customize able as per requirement.

The main unit of the sensors connects hall sensor to the MI Centralized Control Hub and gets constant data from all sensors over Wi-Fi / zigbee and it can directly send notification and alerts to your mobile application.

There are multiple options and alert systems and notification types at you can set on your mobile phone application to get exact idea what is going on at your home in your absence.


Can be adjusted in different ways such as when you enter in your home automatically lights are on and then you are leaving for bed so to remind if your door and windows are open and definitely it can interact with all other MI devices that are controlled through MI smart hub. Can control and setup other devices based on door /windows open or close.

Mi windows and door sensor can trigger alarm and send notifications to your mobile phone in case of any motion detection or disturbance in their area.

Mi windows and door sensor are very easy to install so that these can be installed easily at the edges of windows or wherever suitable.


Customization device that can be used anywhere within the range of MI smart hub.

So when this smart switch is connected to Mi Smart hub it can control multiple devices at a single time there are multiple multiple gestures that can control different devices search a single tap, double tap, long tap, long press so you can control devices from anywhere within the range.

MI wireless switch is totally wireless so you no need to go to switch board mounted in the wall.


Very useful when you are not at home or you want to to monitor the activities in different areas so you can place this motion sensor anywhere in home.

Because of wireless capability you can place it on table on sofa on shelf on the window or whenever you want. MI motion detection sensor can detect motion and make any system to turn on on off depending upon motion parameter settings.

Mi wireless motion sensor can also control an alarm or send notification on your mobile application.


  • 1x Mi Control Hub
  • 1x Mi Wireless Switch
  • 2x Mi Wireless Motion Sensor
  • 2x Mi Windows and Door Sensor
  • 1x Mi Wireless Switch Cover
  • 2x Mi Motion Sensor Protective Cover
  • 2x Mi Windows and Door Sensor Protective Cover
  • 1x Installation Insert Tool
  • 1x User Manual

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